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The overall goal of ICT-AGRI is to strengthen the European research within the area of precision farming and to develop a common European research agenda concerning ICT and robotics in agriculture. ICT-AGRI develops international research calls to pool fragmented human and financial resources over the boundaries of the participating countries, in order to improve both the efficiency and the effectiveness of Europe’s research efforts. More info can be found here.

ICT-AGRI Call 2017 - Farm Management Systems for Precision Farming - is open

The deadline for submission of proposals is extended to 26 April 17:00 CET

The ICT-AGRI Call 2017 on Farm Management Systems  for Precision Farming is open for submission of proposals until 21st April 2017. The topics of the call are

  1. ​Agricultural research on use of sensor data for decision support
  2. Development of applications for Precision Farming
  3. Cases of integration of third-party applications with Farm Management Systems

For further information go to the Call 2017 section

ICT-AGRI Call 2017 - Information for Funders

The ICT-AGRI Call 2017 provides funding for 5,750,000 € from 14 funders in 8 EU countries, 2 associated countries and 2 overseas countries (New Zealand and Argentina). Some funders will support research and development and others will support innovation and business development. ICT-AGRI wants opportunities for as many projects as possible and is therefore grateful for the interest and commitments from the participating funders. 

The call is still open for any interested funding agency. ICT-AGRI has defined very flexible conditions for participation, even without a commitment to allocate a certain amount of funding. Read information for funders.

Ready to cropUP?

cropUP is a unique program where entrepreneurs and startups that develop innovative products and services for the agrifood or forestry sector will have the opportunity to be part of an agrifood & forestry startup community linked to an agrifood & forestry innovation ecosystem.

DG Agri and Rural Development published final report - "Digitising the Agri-Food sector"

BRUSSELS, November 2016 - In the course of preparing for the next work programme 2018-2020 under Horizon 2020, the Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development (DG AGRI) organised a workshop in Brussels on 28 - 29 September 2016 on the theme of "Digitizing the agri-food sector". The final report of this workshop sums up the results of the expert discussions.

Invitation for innovators in agriculture: Call for contribution to Smart AKIS database of Smart Farming Technologies

Open call for providers of Smart Farming solutions, research projects and results  to voluntarily feed the Inventory of Smart AKIS, through filling in an online survey. Thus, if you are a provider of Smart Farming solutions, either an established multinational company, an SME, a start-up or a spin-off, or a research group with promising new technologies applicable to the Smart Agriculture field, you can fill in the survey for your proposal to be included and showcased on Smart AKIS Inventory of Smart Farming solutions.

Recent STOA study on "Precision Agriculture and the Future of Farming in Europe"

What can European farming expect from new technologies? How will information technology revolutionise agriculture in the 21st century? That is the question investigated by a recently published study on ‘Precision Agriculture and the Future of Farming in Europe’, which was commissioned by the European Parliament’s Science and Technology Options Assessment (STOA) Panel. An article from the European Parliamentary Research Service Blog written by Lieve Van Woensel with James Tarlton summarizes the main issues of the study.

Virtual training in Smart Farming technologies - Kick-off for EU-project "GATES"

ATHENS. The Agricultural University of Athens, Smart AKIS Coordinator, hosted on January 18th the kick-off meeting of “GATES - Applying GAming TEchnologies for training professionals in Smart Farming” project, funded by Horizon 2020.

GATES will develop a serious game-based training platform, in order to train professionals across the agricultural value chain on the use of Smart Farming Technologies (SFT), thus allowing deploying its full economic and environmental potential in European agriculture.

Internet of Food & Farm 2020 started on 1st of January

BRUSSELS. A consortium of 71 partners, led by Wageningen UR and other core partners of previous key projects will extend and leverage the agricultural ecosystem and architecture that was already established in earlier projects. The IoF2020 project is dedicated to accelerate adoption of "Internet of Things" (IoT) for securing sufficient, safe and healthy food to strengthen competitiveness of farming and food chains in Europe. The big project is meant to consolidate Europe’s leading position in the global IoT industry by fostering a symbiotic ecosystem of farmers, food industry, technology providers and research institutes.

EIP-AGRI Seminar Report published: "Data revolution: emerging new data-driven business models in the agri-food sector"

ICT and sensor-based technologies increase the amount of data collected in agriculture and throughout the whole supply chain. This development offers significant potential for new data-driven business models. In June 2016, DG AGRI organised a seminar in Sofia, Bulgaria, in the framework of the EIP-AGRI. The goal was to reflect on how Agricultural and rural development policy can support the data revolution for an enhanced productivity and sustainability in the wide agri-food chain. https://ec.europa.eu/eip/agriculture/en/Seminar_Data_Revolution

It pays to pay!

Levitating frog in a strong magnetic field

Why researchers that pay to get published are NOT mad.

Researchers are an odd race. Like journalists, they write articles. Their articles might have less sexy topics than those of journalists (see framed text for a great example), but nonetheless they are well-written pieces of text, backed up by excellent graphs of their painstakingly collected data. But unlike journalists, researchers don’t get paid for writing them. They usually write their articles for free. Moreover, in recent times, some researchers actually started paying their publishers to get their articles published! And they’ve got good reasons to do so. It really pays to pay!

Mapping of projects within ICT and robotics for agriculture

ICT-AGRI is collecting data about recent and ongoing projects within ICT and automation for a sustainable agriculture. The mapped projects can be search in sevaral ways. Website users can bookmark interesting projects for later review, and web site users can contact projects by a form which sends a mail to the project contact person, who then can decide to reply or ignore.

ICT-AGRI 2016 Action Plan on Farm Management Systems


The Action Plan describes actions to be taken by the ICT-AGRI in 2016.

The goal of the new Action Plan is to define actions on how to stimulate the implementation of research & innovation topics focusing on Farm Management  Systems. Condensed on 27 pages the Action Plan gives and connects background information on ICT-AGRI's Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) with the specific research needs in different parts of FMS. The Action Plan is meant to form the basis for the 2016 call: ICT-AGRI Partnerships.

Download the 2016 Action Plan