Adoption rates of ICT applications for agriculture

Data indicated by companies and organisations providing ICT solutions to farmers

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Adoption rate
Adoption rate is defined as the number of customers in percentage of the number of potential customers as estimated by the company or organisation.

Application types:
Basic: Recording, reports, overviews, etc.
Decision Support: Advices for farm operations based on farm data and external data
Precision Farming: Automated farm operations based on high resolution farm data and external data

Adoption rates by sector and application type

SectorBasicDecision SupportPrecision Farming
Arable farming: staple crops (grains, beets,..) 190901505012020
Arable farming: vegetable crops (cabbage, carrots, ...)1nana1nana1nana
Orchards (apples, pears, grapes, ..)1nana1nana1nana
Greenhouse crops: vegetables (tomatoes, salat, ...)1nana1nana1nana
Greenhouse crops: ornamentals (trees, flowers, ...)1nana1nana1nana
Livestock: dairy production190901808016060
Livestock: beef production175751202011010
Livestock: egg production195951959519595
Livestock: poultry production190901909019090
Livestock: pig production160601606014040

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