Title Date Author
Welcome to ICT-AGRI 01.01.18 Bert Beck
Internet of Food & Farm 2020 started on 1st of January 24.01.17 Jan Erpenbach
DG Agri and Rural Development published final report - "Digitising the Agri-Food sector" 24.01.17 Jan Erpenbach
Invitation for innovators in agriculture: Call for contribution to Smart AKIS database of Smart Farming Technologies 24.01.17 Jan Erpenbach
Recent STOA study on "Precision Agriculture and the Future of Farming in Europe" 24.01.17 Jan Erpenbach
Virtual training in Smart Farming technologies - Kick-off for EU-project "GATES" 24.01.17 Jan Erpenbach
First Call for Papers to the 1st International Workshop on Intelligent Systems for Agriculture Production and Environment Protection (ISAPEP’17) 27.12.16 Jan Erpenbach
ICT-AGRI Call 2017 - Farm Management Systems for Precision Farming - is closed 07.12.16 Iver Thysen
ICT-AGRI Call 2017 - Information for Funders 07.12.16 Iver Thysen
Ready to cropUP? 30.11.16 Iver Thysen
EIP-AGRI Seminar Report published: "Data revolution: emerging new data-driven business models in the agri-food sector" 15.09.16 Jan Erpenbach
It pays to pay! 31.08.16 Bert Beck
Mapping of projects within ICT and robotics for agriculture 31.08.16 Iver Thysen
ICT-AGRI 2016 Action Plan on Farm Management Systems 25.01.16 Jan Erpenbach
4th Agroscope sustainability symposium - Smart Farming and sustainability: opportunities and challenges 24.01.17 Jan Erpenbach
EFITA Congress 2017 - Calls for demonstrations and papers for IN-OVIVE 2017 24.01.17 Jan Erpenbach
Meeting of G20 agriculture ministers - scientists call for more investment in digitalisation of agriculture 23.01.17 Jan Erpenbach
International events of relevance for ICT in agriculture 19.12.16 Iver Thysen
Joint Workshop on "Smart Mitigation of GHGs in Livestock Production" 14.10.16 Jan Erpenbach
MCG2016 - 5th International conference on Machine Control & Guidance 14.09.16 Jan Erpenbach