Title Date Author
ICT-AGRI Call 2015: Enabling Precision Farming 15.02.15 Iver Thysen
SmartAgriFood – ICT-AGRI All applicants has been notified 19.01.15 Iver Thysen
Smart AgriMatics 2014 - The future use of ICT and robotics in agriculture and food business - Register now! Free places left! 12.01.15 Iver Thysen
ICT-AGRI survey among providers of ICT to farmers 05.01.15 Iver Thysen
ICT-AGRI 2015 Action Plan - with focus on Precision Farming 29.12.14 Iver Thysen
SmartAgriFood – ICT-AGRI Call successfully ended 19.12.14 Jan Erpenbach
Second DairyCare Conference - Dairy Animal Health & Welfare 12.11.14 Jan Erpenbach
Are you Up for the Open AGRIgate Challenge? 26.09.14 Jan Erpenbach
Call for abstracts to the 7th European conference on Precision Livestock Farming 19.09.14 Jan Erpenbach
Call on Applications and Services for Smart Agriculture 14.09.14 Iver Thysen
ECPA - European Conference on Precision Agriculture, 12-16 July 2015, Israel 14.09.14 Iver Thysen
Precision Agriculture: An opportunity for EU Farmers 14.08.14 Jan Erpenbach
SmartAgriFood & ICT-AGRI joint call on Smart Agriculture opens 15 September 04.08.14 Jan Erpenbach
Call for evaluation experts for SmartAgriFood & ICT-AGRI Joint Call 04.08.14 Jan Erpenbach
Smart AgriMatics: Contribution to global collaboration 08.07.14 Jan Erpenbach
Book recommendation: Precision in Crop Farming 05.06.14 Jan Erpenbach
Latest issue of research*eu focus magazine concentrates on EU research regarding sustainable food production 05.05.14 Jan Erpenbach
EU-PLF project meeting to present first outcomes and share further ideas 02.05.14 Jan Erpenbach
Four FI-PPP accelerator projects on agri-food 11.04.14 Iver Thysen
ICT-AGRI-2 - Information and Communication Technologies and Robotics for Sustainable Agriculture 09.04.14 Jan Erpenbach