Public proposals for Farm Management Systems for Precision Farming

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Integration of Farm Management Software and Data Aggregators - Sensors
We are looking for sensor and data aggregator companies what will provide different kinds of farm data such as soil sensors, airborne pictures, satellite images or similar. ...
Kerem Erikci
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ICT and Automation for Low Input & Reduced Traffic Agriculture in Irregular Sloped Pastures
Project is targeting to implement a pilot project to increase animal production and accelerate rural socio-economic development by precision (low input & reduced traffic) fertilization of...
Ugur Sevilmis
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Service Oriented Agri-Cloud Platform for NB-IoT Evolution in Smart Agriculture: AGRI4.0
Internet of Things (IoT) is a popular term used for interconnection of sensors, actuators, machines and the interfaces via Internet protocols and the relevant networking infrastructure. Narrow Band...
Taskin KIZIL
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Plant Diagnostic and Treatment System
In this project, we are planning to utilize image processing techniques in order to detect possible nutrient deficiencies and/or plant diseases. To achieve that, we will connect high definition cameras to our tractors and take continuous recordings...
Hakan Mencek
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