Smart AgriMatics 2014: The future use of ICT and robotics in agriculture and food business

Smart AgriMatics 2014

The future use of ICT and robotics in agriculture and food business

18 and 19 June 2014

Paris, France

The agri-food sector has always been of great economic importance, while at the same time it has a large public impact with respect to citizens, consumers and the environment. More than ever, the sector is facing huge challenges to feed the future world population within the boundaries of the carrying capacity of planet Earth. ICT and related technology will play an important future role to help agri-food chains to meet these challenges.

Smart AgriMatics endeavours to explore this area by focusing on future innovations while at the same time see what is already possible with the current state of the art. Join this adventure in the second edition of Smart AgriMatics!

The Smart AgriMatics concept

Smart Agrimatics unites practitioners, researchers, users around current developments in the ICT and robotics in agriculture and food business. Workshops in small interactive groups form the heart of the conference, in which presentations alternate with hands-on exercises or hackathon kind of sessions. There will be ample of room for spontaneous and informal meetings for creative ideas.

From the perspective of topics to be dealt with, the whole agri-food supply chain will be covered and different sectors will receive attention: meat, dairy products, crops, fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc. The challenge is to identify commonalities and shared objectives between these sectors and different parts of the supply chain. Particular attention will be paid to the development of Public-Private Partnerships.

Conference topics and target group

Several topics which cover the different aspects of the theme ‘The future use of ICT and robotics in agriculture and food business’ are organised:

1.    Farming in the Cloud, incl. Precision Farming

2.    Intelligent Perishable Goods Logistics  

3.    Supply Chain Digitization

4.    Information & Data Exchange

5.    Smart Food Awareness

6.    Global Strategy for ICT in Agri-Food

The participants will come from software and hardware companies, farms, consultancy, agri-food business, governmental organisations and research institutes. They will leave Smart AgriMatics 2014 with renewed knowledge, inspiration, enriched networks and possibly new alliances for setting up new projects and activities.

See for information on the conference; you can also get an impression of the previous edition of Smart AgriMatics 2012.


Smart AgriMatics 2014 is a joint conference of three projects funded by the European Commission, under the 7th Framework Programme: FIspace, ICT-AGRI ERA-NET and eFoodChain.

Contact details

Chair Scientific Committee:            Sjaak Wolfert

Chair Organising Committee:          Annelise de Smet     



Wednesday, 18 June, 2014 (All day) to Thursday, 19 June, 2014 (All day)

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