Coordination of ICT and Robotics in Agriculture and Related Environmental Issues




1 May, 2009 to 30 September, 2014

Project description: 

ICT-AGRI-1 began on 1 May 2009 and ended on 30th September 2014. The Project Consortium comprises 18 partners and 12 observer organisations covering 20 countries and ensures a unique platform for building and maintaining international collaborations and networks.

The underlying rationale of the ICT-AGRI-1 project is that modern agricultural engineering tools (e.g. precision crop and livestock farming tools) are necessary to enable agriculture to meet the global challenges: the global demand for food, feed and bio-based products, the reduction of the environmental footprint of agriculture, consumer demands for healthy food and high animal welfare standards. 

The overall goal of ICT-AGRI was to strengthen the European research in the area and develop a common European research agenda concerning ICT and robotics in agriculture, and to follow up with calls based on funds from the participating countries’ national research programmes.The purpose was to pool fragmented human and financial resources, in order to improve both the efficiency and the effectiveness of Europe’s research efforts.

During the course of ICT-AGRI-1, three transnational calls have been conducted. The first call under ICT-AGRI-1 was launched in 2010, the second at the end of 2012. , The last call was carried out in 2014, in collaboration with SmartAgriFood2 and supported by the EU project Future Internet PPP. In total 24 projects have been approved for funding. Seven in the first call, eight in the second call and nine in the third call.

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