How to make proposals

Proposals are developed by the creation of User Groups which can be viewed either publically (by any visitor on the website) or privately (confined to group members).  Your interest in sharing your proposal development will determine its visibility profile. 

If you are at an early stage of proposal development, where you have an idea for a project application but want to find either partners to work with or experts to advise you, then you would create a Public Proposal.  Here you would go to Create a New Proposal and type in the name and outline in the open text your idea and whether you are looking for partners or experts to advise.  You can also upload documents if wished.  You can set the visibility to Public or Private by clicking the appropriate button.

Once you have identified project partners or found an expert you can then switch the proposal visibility to Private to work on the development of an application to the call.

Alternatively, if you already have developed a project consortium, you can set your User Group visibility to Private from the outset to work on the application in confidence with your project partners.

Public / Private can be reset during the life of the proposal. In both proposal types, internal communication and memberships are confidential. Files uploaded to the proposal are secured against unauthorised access.

You must create a User group in order to develop an application for a call open on the ICT - AGRI website.

The creator of the User Group automatically becomes the Group Coordinator and it is they who have sole rights to make changes to the group – add or delete members, or assign administrative rights to other group members.

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