How to make applications

An application is a formal request for funding from a specific call for projects, including consortium, description and budget as required by the call text. 

Applications are made as additions to proposals and applications have also the confidentiality of User Groups. When one or more calls are open, the proposal administrator can select the appropriate call. A new menu will then appear with links to the tools required for preparing the application and describing the proposed project.

The project partners (consortium) are selected among the proposal group members. Each project partner must be a legal entity represented by one person. This person must provide contact data, partner information and partner budget.

The project coordinator must provide project information and is responsible for submitting the application. The project coordinator selects users a representatives of project partners. The coordinator can edit all partner information and partner budgets. 

The project coordinator can delegate editing rights to a project editor. 

You must create a User group in order to develop an application for a call open on the ICT - AGRI website.

The creator of the User Group automatically becomes the Group Coordinator and it is they who have sole rights to make changes to the group – add or delete members, or assign administrative rights to other group members.

Working on Your Application.

To access your application in order to work on the content complete the following steps:

  • Click on My Proposals
  • Click on the “Workspace” link on the proposal on which you are working
  • On the Application bar on the left hand side you can then choose from among the following links: edit, upload or submit application.
  • Click on “Call Documents & Templates” to access call information and the Description of Work Template.
  • You can then work on the template online or save it your PC/laptop etc.
  • When uploading the DOW, remember to press “Save”.