Register for the call

How to register for the call

The first condition is to be registered as a user in this website. If you are not already a user, please use this 


For security reasons you are required to verify your e-mail address. Please use the link in the e-mail sent to you, set your pasword and save.  

Users on the previous version of the ICT-AGRI MKB can reactivate their account by request new password.

If you have forgotten your username or password, you can reactivate your account by request new password.

Your full name, email and country entered in the registration form is used to identify you in the applications to the call. 

The second condition is to fill in your personal profile. Here you can inform about the organisation or company you are belonging to. In the profile's CV you can inform about your professional expertise and interests. Take care to include words you would like to be found by, when other people are searching.

The information about your organisation or company connected to your profile is used to identify your organisation or company in applications to the call.

If you do not want your data being showed to other users

If you don't want to be found in the website, you can disable "Show my data" in your account settings. 

You can participate in applications to the call even if "Show my data" is disabled. Your personal data will then only be shown in conncetion with elaboration and evaluation of the application.

Your email address is never exposed even if "Show my data" is enabled. You can only be contacted via a contact form showing your name.