robotics in agriculture

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In times of a growing world population consistent production areas require a more productive agriculture. At the same time, cost pressures increase by the global market. In addition, the availability of skilled labor will continue to decline in the future. As a consequence, in agriculture, therefore increasing automation is observed. Despite the diverse and often complex needs automation solutions in agriculture have an enormous potential. Roboters are a key technology that can provide increasing productivity and quality in times of scarce resources.


  • Current trends and developments in robotics in the field of agriculture 
  • Potential of robotics for farmers and agricultural machinery manufacturers 
  • Specific requirements for the Robotics away from industrial production lines 
  • Practical examples of successful developments and economic applications 

Learning objectives 

  • Participants gain a detailed overview of the current state of robotics in agriculture
  • Potential for future developments are presented
  • challenges in transferring existing solutions from other areas in agriculture will be discussed

target group 

Professionals and managers in the field of agricultural machinery manufacturers and agricultural technology equipment, operating in the field of agricultural engineering scientists and engineers, robot manufacturers and developers with a focus on agriculture

Wednesday, 26 November, 2014 (All day)