UNIFARM User Forum event



Information on soil parameters (humidity, fertilizer content, crop maturity or disease) derived from Earth Observation satellites has already been used successfully by farmers to reduce water consumption and fertilizer use, with no reduction in yield. Furthermore, using satellite navigation systems to guide farming machinery has become almost standard practice in some countries (Denmark, Germany, Netherlands).

However, while the technology has been proved to work, the innovative services related to the technology are currently emerging, and not yet in use on a sufficiently large scale, given their added value. The development of GNSS applications relative to EO applications is often treated separately, even though the technologies have more impact together than separately, when applied to the same problems.

This workshop will make an inventory of the current precision agriculture solutions that have been proven to work, and of the needs and constraints of their users, in order to pave the way for a more extensive use of effective satellite services, whether based on EO or GNSS.

The interesting programme is composed of introductions by:

  • Satellite navigation services for precision agriculture, Tamme van der Wal, on behalf of UNIFARM;
  • Satellite information services for agriculture, Guido D'Urso, University of Naples Federico II, Italy;
  • European Innovation Partnership - Agriculture focus Group's conclusions on measures for mainstreaming precision agriculture in Europe, Corné Kempenaar, University of Wageningen, The Netherlands;
  • Farm-oriented open data in EuropeTomáš Řezník, WIRELESSINFO/Masaryk University;
  • Current status and developments of weather data and forecast for precision agriculture
    Schneider Stefan, ZAMG, Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics;
  • Satellite and GIS technologies for agricultural water management: the experience with users in Marchfeld, Austria, Francesco Vuolo and Laura Essl, BOKU;
  • On the experience with drones for precision agriculture in Austria, Christoph Metzker, RWA, RWA Raiffeisen Ware Austria;
  • Autonomous system for agricultural machinery, Bernhard Peschak, PAS - Peschak Autonome Systeme GmbH 

The introductions are followed by a round table discussion.

See more about the programme at the event website, also for venue, registration and other practical details.

Tuesday, 21 April, 2015 (All day)