Int. Workshop: Computer Image Analysis in Agriculture

6th International Workshop on Computer Image Analysis in Agriculture held in Aarhus, Denmark  Convener: Prof. José Blasco

CIGR Working Group on Image Analysis for Agricultural Products and Processes


  • To meet recent demands on process monitoring in agricultural production, during storage and processing of raw material
  • To develop objective, sensitive, and reliable optical tools for receiving analytical data in a non-destructive way.


A) Monitoring

  • Gathering recognition parameters for image processing in on-site monitoring of plants and animals
  • Interdisciplinary exchange and development of advanced image processing methods in different applications
  • Exchange between science and industry for bringing new optical compounds in the focus of scientific working groups supporting new applications

B) Process management

  • Image processing with respect to geometric and structure analyses
  • Development of phantoms (gold standards)
  • Influence of outdoor light conditions
  • Changes of recognized parameters in on-site monitoring as a function of time
  • Remote inspection of farms, greenhouses, etc via internet

Expected outcomes

  • Capture the state-of-the-art of image analyses applications in agronomy
  • Enhance collaboration between industry and academia
  • Publication of an outline of recent trends and future needs of industry, including the proceedings of the workshop on the internet
  • Promote a list of useful references and links (with key words) for WG members
  • Subsequently, publish a handbook on Image Processing in Agriculture under the guidelines of the CIGR after the 2012 workshop
  • Propose gold standards and methods for imaging and spectral calibration
Sunday, 26 June, 2016 (All day)