Computational image analysis and UAVs in Agriculture

22th Workshop Computational image analysis and UAVs in Agriculture

The aim of the workshop series is to deepen the exchange of experience between research groups in the use of imaging and spectroscopic techniques in agriculture . This rapidly developing fields of technology are increasingly being used in agriculture for monitoring of pre- and after harvesting . 

However there are often no matching solutions for agricultural applications available so that standalone solutions in cooperation of targeted basic research and commercial enterprises for specific operating conditions arise. As part of the annual workshop presentations, posters and technical developments are presented and discussed.


  • To meet recent demands on process monitoring in agricultural production, during storage and processing of raw material
  • To develop objective, sensitive, and reliable optical tools for receiving analytical data in a non-destructive way.


a) Monitoring

  • Gathering recognition parameters for image processing in on-site monitoring of plants and animals
  • Interdisciplinary exchange and development of advanced image processing methods in different applications
  • Exchange between science and industry for bringing new optical compounds in the focus of scientific working groups supporting new applications

b) Process management

  • Image processing with respect to geometric and structure analyses
  • Development of phantoms (gold standards)
  • Influence of outdoor light conditions
  • Changes of recognized parameters in on-site monitoring as a function of time
  • Remote inspection of farms, greenhouses, etc via internet

Expected outcomes

  • Capture the state-of-the-art of image analyses applications in agronomy
  • Enhance collaboration between industry and academia
  • Publication of an outline of recent trends and future needs of industry, including the proceedings of the workshop on the internet
  • Promote a list of useful references and links (with key words) for WG members
  • Subsequently, publish a handbook on Image Processing in Agriculture under the guidelines of the CIGR after the 2012 workshop
  • Propose gold standards and methods for imaging and spectral calibration

SUBMIT contributions and registration

The submission of contribution proposals Owls registering for the event via the Internet portal (p O.) die. You will also find instructions for authors. Commercial providers who demand their services and products involved want Present, call directly one of the organizers.


Papers: 01/12/2015

Acceptance of papers: 01.10.2016

Hard copies of messages: 01/03/2016

Registration for the workshop: 03/18/2016

Workshop Day: 04/21/2016


Student: 20 euros (without Proceedings)

Full paying 40 euros (with Proceedings)

Companies: 100 Euro (with Proceedings and stand)


Prof. Dr. Frieder Stolzenburg

Prof. Dr. Hardy Pundt

Hochschule Harz
Department of Automation and computer sciences
Friedrichstrasse 57-59
38855 Wernigerode

Thursday, 21 April, 2016 (All day)