ICT-AGRI calls 2014 - 2016

Call 2014 in collaboration with SmartAgriFood on Services & Applications for Smart Agriculture. 

Fifty projects were funded for 6 months prototype development and 18 projects are now funded in stage 2 for testing of the smart applications and for business development. ICT-AGRI has co-funded nine projects and three of these are among the stage 2 projects. 

The eighteen projects funded for stage 2 were found at a two days meeting in September 2016. At the first day all projects had the opportunity to present their achievements and plans for a panel of evaluators. At the second day, after a new round of presentations by the eighteen selected projects, three so-called high-flyer projects were selected. These three projects are expected to have particularly good business opportunities and will therefore receive extra funding. One of the high-flyer projects is co-funded by ICT-AGRI: Happy Cow, which will develop hardware and software for a cloud based Estrus detection system for Dairy farms.

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ICT-AGRI has selected the proposals to be funded in the Call 2015 on Enabling Precision Farming

ICT-AGRI decided on a meeting on the 5th of October to fund eight projects. Two of these will be constructed by merging, in each case, two proposals on similar topics. Negotiations between the project partners and the national funding agencies providing the funds, are now in progress. The eight  projects are expected to start in January 2016 and have a duration of 2 or 3 years.

ICT-AGRI is grateful for the interest among the researchers and developers who took the effort to write applications to the call. All proposals were of high quality and relevance, and only limitations of available funds made it necessary to select among the proposals.

 Details about the funded projects will be published when the negotiations are completed.

Call 2016 on Farm Management and Information Systems (FMIS). 

The call is currently being planned with an expected pre-launch in December 2015. The expected focus will be related to the concept of Software Ecosystems, where FMIS software is not supplied by a single company but rather by different actors. The Call 2016 is also expected to have simpler procedures in order to attract more interest from industrial partners including SMEs. The details will be published in December 2016 in the ICT-AGRI Action Plan 2016.