ICT-AGRI Seminar, Dublin

ICT-AGRI Seminar 26 Feb16: Shaping the Future: Targeting Opportunities for ICT in Agriculture

The seminar on 26th February brought together experts from farming, industry, research and funding. Keynote speakers included Dr John Bell, Director of Bioeconomy, European Commission, Prof Gerry Boyle, Director, Teagasc – Agriculture and Food Development Authority (Ireland) and Dr Iver Thysen, ICT-AGRI-2 ERA-NET. The seminar brought together the ICT-AGRI community of researchers with industry and other stakeholders.

Each ICT-AGRI funded project was invited to attend the seminar and was allocated a display board to showcase their research and encourage interaction with stakeholders. Many projects attended.

Friday, 26 February, 2016 - 09:00
Aviva Stadium, Dublin

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