CIGR AgENG NJF 2016 + ICT-AGRI Workshop

The conference will cover all the general topics included in the CIGR, EurAgEng and NJF societies, described in the following list. 

  • Land, Soil and Water Engineering
  • Structures, Animal Production and Environmental Technologies
  • Plant Production Technologies
  • Energy, Biomass and Biological Residues
  • Systems Management
  • Post Harvest Technologies
  • Information Technologies

The ICT-AGRI Workshop takes place 29 June 13:30 to 15:30 

Collaboration within ICT and robotics for sustainable agriculture

Digitalisation, big data, internet of things, smart farming, future internet, are expressions used in an increasing recognition of the necessity of ICT and automation for a sustainable agriculture. This has already lead to substantial investments in R&D for ICT and automation in agriculture in European as well as national funding programs.

This is good news for ICT-AGRI being a European project with the mission “Contribute to European collaboration within ICT and robotics for a sustainable agriculture”. But this also means a new challenge for ICT-AGRI concerning how to contribute to collaboration. The traditional instrument used by EU ERA-NETs is to conduct calls for transnational projects based on national and regional funding. ICT-AGRI has done that four  times already. The funding made available for ICT-AGRI calls is, however, quite small compared with EU and national calls, and the effect of this instrument is therefore not sufficient.

It seems very likely that EU as well as national and regional investments in projects within ICT and automation for a sustainable agriculture will lead to several projects with similar objectives. It is therefore also very likely that there are potential synergies and mutual benefits to be achieved by collaboration. As for example, wider applicability of smart applications, better compliance to standards, lower development costs, and a larger market for ICT products.

ICT-AGRI is, for a start, collecting data about ongoing projects within ICT and automation for a sustainable agriculture. The results of the analysis of these data will be presented at the workshop as an introduction to a discussion with the audience on how collaboration among projects may be encouraged and supported.

Sunday, 26 June, 2016 (All day) to Wednesday, 29 June, 2016 (All day)