ICT-AGRI 2016 Action Plan on Farm Management Systems


The Action Plan describes actions to be taken by ICT-AGRI in 2016.

During its project duration ICT-AGRI publishes Action plans annually with regard to the annual calls.

The topic in 2016 is on Farm Management Systems (FMS). During the past years, sophisticated online farm management systems have emerged to replace complex stationary software tools more and more.

The goal of the new Action Plan is to define actions on how to stimulate the implementation of research & innovation topics focusing on Farm Management Systems. Condensed on 27 pages the Action Plan gives and connects background information on ICT-AGRI's Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) with specific research needs in the different parts of FMS. The Action Plan is meant to form the basis for the 2016 call: ICT-AGRI Partnerships.

The aim of the Action Plan 2016 is to define:

  1. the main challenges in information systems based on topics stated in the SRA,
  2. the specific research & innovation topics in farm management systems in more detail,
  3. actions to be taken for the 2016 call in ICT-AGRI that is focused on the information system topics, and 
  4. other actions that can be taken to promote farm management systems via existing instruments.

Considering the trends in modern state-of-the-art FMS it is necessary to establish an open architecture based on the internet as backbone which is able to integrate and support different applications directed at the various kinds of business processes in farming. The open architecture will facilitate the collaboration of useful applications and inhibits a monopol of only few companies. With its coming Partnerships call ICT-AGRI aims at stimulating the development in this direction.

For this purpose at first three developments are needed to take place:

  1. Platform for modular, smart services and applications
  2. Open standard interfaces
  3. Requirements on components and implementations

All of these parts contain several sub research and development challenges. You find these an more issues described in the chapters of ICT-AGRI's new Action Plan 2016.