ICT-AGRI Partnerships for compatible and adaptable Smart Applications

ICT-AGRI Partnerships

Go international with Smart Applications for farmers

The purpose of ICT-AGRI Partnerships is to generate added European and international value from national or regional funded projects. Partnerships are intended to increase the compatibility and adaptability of Smart Applications to local farming conditions as well as local Farm Management Systems (FMS). The overarching goal is to promote uptake of Precision Farming and sustainable agriculture.

Companies and research organisations from any country are invited to create and join ICT-AGRI Partnerships.  If you are interested in a proposal, please contact the ICT-AGRI Secretariat (Jan Erpenbach or Iver Thysen).

ICT-AGRI Partnerships is the call in 2016 in a new model. The main difference to previous calls is that grants must now be seeked individually by each partner in a partnership. Proposals for partnerships will be received from now until end of 2016.

An ICT-AGRI Partnership is a collaboration between a number of national/regional projects. Each national/regional project has its own project objectives and budget as agreed with the funding agency. The objective for the ICT-AGRI Partnership concerns the common goals as agreed between the national/regional partner projects.


1 Adaptable and compatible Smart Applications
The objective of the partnership must be to increase the adaptability and compatibility of a specific agricultural Smart Application. 
The adaptability relates to 

  • the suitability of the application for use under various farming conditions (climate, soil, crops, animals, traditions, language, etc.)
  • the readiness of the application for integration with a local FMS

The compatibility relates to 

  • the use of open standards as far as such standards are available
  • publication of data exchange models used in integration with local FMS

The work in the partnership may be in the range from prototype development to concrete integration in a FMS, possibly through a portal. 

2 Methods and tools for integration of Smart Applications 
The objective of the partnership must be to develop and publish methods and tools for integration of Smart Applications with FMIS. This includes

  • suggestion of common ontologies, data dictionaries, XML schemas, etc.
  • development and implementation of portals for Smart Applications

Partnership categories

  1. Share partnerships. The objective of the partnership is to achieve added value by sharing results based on coordinated activities. The outcomes of the individual partner projects are not dependent on the partnership and the decisions of funding the individual partners projects can therefore be made on their own value by the Funding Agency.
  2. Transfer partnerships. The objective of the partnership is to achieve value for each partner by transfer of knowledge or technology. The partners are depending on each other and the decisions of funding the individual partners projects are therefore depending on each Funding Agency.


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