1st Workshop of Capsella EU project

This first workshop will take place in Volterra at the SIAF premises, about 40 Km from Pisa on the 30th and 31st of May 2016. The event is aimed at supporting the development of an open, horizontal and dynamic agricultural knowledge, based on a strong bottom up approach.

Moreover, the event aims at raising awareness on the benefits of using ICTs in agriculture and then paving the way to develop novel information and communication technologies (ICT) for biodiversity based agriculture. To do so, farmers and agricultural  stakeholders, for whom these technologies are relevant, will be involved to voice  their requirements and needs on which  CAPSELLA  will focus its activities in the next two years.

During this two-day meeting, participants will also engage in informal discussions to share needs, knowledge and experiences on the use of data and information resources for sustainable agriculture.

Discussion will be kicked off on farm, from the very heart of agro-ecology: the living soil and the biodiversity it holds. Then, the communities of farmers, researchers and activists will be engaged in discussing how to foster links between actors in agro-biodiversity. Real examples on how effective use of data through innovative ICTs can support agro-ecological farming will animate the discussion.  Participants will be stimulated to work interactively in small groups, through flexible brainstorming sessions, organised in thematic Round Tables. The general aim of CAPSELLA will then be turned into practical objectives thanks to the experiential and participatory bottom up work throughout the duration of the workshop.

Monday, 30 May, 2016 (All day) to Tuesday, 31 May, 2016 (All day)

Event leaflet: 



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