ICT-AGRI Call 2017 - Information for Funders

The ICT-AGRI Call 2017 provides funding for 5,750,000 € from 14 funders in 8 EU countries, 2 associated countries and 2 overseas countries (New Zealand and Argentina). Some funders will support research and development and others will support innovation and business development. ICT-AGRI wants opportunities for as many projects as possible and is therefore grateful for the interest and commitments from the participating funders. 

The call is still open for any interested funding agency. ICT-AGRI has defined very flexible conditions for participation, even without a commitment to allocate a certain amount of funding.

Please download Information for Funders for detailed conditions for participation and the Memorandum of Understanding required for registration as funder in the call.

Participation with a funding commitment
This is the usual mode for funding agencies participating in an ERA-NET call. Each funding agency has committed to allocate a specified amount of funding to the call and to allow this funding to be used per the evaluation and decision procedures described above.

Participation with a Letter of Support
The funding agencies in this group offer to fund partners in proposals to the call, but reserve the right to decide by themselves which proposals to support. The decision to support a proposal must be indicated by a letter of support/financial commitment which the applicants will include in their proposal.

Partnership with already funded projects
Funding agencies can create additional value to already funded projects in a national or regional programme by allowing these to join with similar ICT-AGRI proposals. The coordinator of the funded program will then also be a partner in the ICT-AGRI proposal with a budget for the collaborative work.

Participation through a proposal partner’s own funding
Proposal partners can participate with own funding, which may be provided by an external funding agency. The only requirement from ICT-AGRI is a statement on the availability of funding. This statement must be attached to the proposal by the partner.