New Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda

ICT-AGRI requires your help for a new Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda.

Has new technologies and increased investments in ICT for agriculture resulted in a higher adoption by farmers? If not everywhere, then somewhere? Are there good lessons to learned? Contribute to a simple survey on adoption rates!

Are the last twenty years' reasons for low adoption by farmers still valid? ICT-AGRI suggests ten common reasons that may not to be valid anymore. Do you agree? 

What do we really know about adoption of ICT by farmers? If you have access to investigations on adoption, please submit a link or upload a pdf.

Since the first ICT-AGRI Strategic Research Agenda in 2012 the world is enriched with new Internet technologies as Internet of Things (IOT) and Big DATA, massive investments in Internet enablers, automated machines and robots, as well as dramatically increased public interest for digitisation of agriculture. A new Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda is now being developed for pointing to routes for exploiting the new possibilities in pursuit of a sustainable and profitabale agriculture.