ICT-AGRI Workshops at EFITA and ECPA

ICT-AGRI organises workshops at two major conferences within ICT and Precision Agriculture in July 2017:

  • At EFITA in Montpellier 5th July 11:10
  • At ECPA in Edinburgh 19th July 14:00

The main content is at both workshops to discuss a new Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda with practioners researchers, developers, companies and policy makers. Everybody are welcome.

Provisional programme for the workshops:

Introduction – What is ICT-AGRI, CALLS, SRA, ICT-AGRI-3

Collaborative events (e.g. Hackathons)

Are the last twenty years' reasons for low adoption by farmers still valid? Café style workshop  in two rounds:

  1. Lack of standards is not a limiting factor, because mapping of data from one app to another is straightforward
  2. Software development time and costs are not a limiting factor, because modern development platforms make coding significant faster
  3. Farmers age and training is not a limiting factor, because farmers use mobiles and pc as anyone else and help is available from providers, advisers and family
  4. Internet bandwidth is not a limiting factor, because there is sufficient cabled and mobile internet everywhere in Europe
  5. Lack of compatibility is not a limiting factor, because smart apps are designed to exchange data in the sky
  6. Data exchange and integration is not a limiting factor, because IOT supports exchange and integration
  7. Society accept and support is not a limiting factor, because consumers appreciate environment concern and food information, and the CAP supports greener agriculture  
  8. Profits from investments in ICT and Precision Farming is not a limiting factor, because extra income exceeds by far the investment costs 
  9. Worries about data ownership and data privacy are not limiting factorsbecause farmers trust ICT providers to be honest and having implented sufficient data ownership and privacy measures
  10. Availability of scientifically based decision rules is not a limiting factorbecause agricultural research is providing the required knowledge in a readily usable format