Linked Open Data in Agriculture

Linked Open Data (LOD) combines the technology of globally linked data with the philosophy of free access to information. LOD overcomes the limits which traditional information distribution reaches in view of the increasing amount of data and information. In the agricultural sector, efforts are being made to exploit the potential of this approach, in particular with regard to global food security, site-adapted agriculture and international research collaboration. In this process, it is important to overcome the obstacles and to network existing initiatives. We therefore invite you to a workshop which aims to promote the application of linked open data (LOD) in the agricultural sector. This event will take place during the German G20 presidency 2017 and is attached to activities of the G20 Agricultural Chief Scientists (MACS) on information and communication technology (ICT), which China has initiated during its G20 presidency 2016.   

  • Capture current State-of-the-Art in Linked Open Data 
  • Determine data demand and supply 
  • Exchange failure and success stories 
  • Discuss on applications and usage (potential and realized) 
  • Develop options for further actions (political and technical)


The two-day professional workshop will be targeted at an international audience with impulse lectures by experts and discussion sessions. Both days include a two-track program with parallel sessions. One track is about policy implementation, focussing on the country and organization level, e.g. data ownership and data rights, investment in information, while the other track covers cutting edge technology such as new applications and services.


  • Data Ownership, Legal Issues, Privacy and Security 
  • Earth Observation Data: Sentinel, Copernicus programs 
  • Farm Management and Value Chain Applications
  • Information Science: Knowledge Management, Information Retrieval, Library Science 
  • Infrastructure: Networks, Coverage, Software, Governance, Business Models 
  • Institutional Open Data Policies
  • International Regulations and Agreements 
  • Open Geodata (Openstreetmap, INSPIRE, fi eld data, soil data...)
  • Product Data (Seeds, Fertilizers, Pesticides: Base data for farm management and research) 
  • Specifi cations and Standards, Semantics, Data Interoperability, Linking Technologies
Wednesday, 27 September, 2017 - 10:30 to Thursday, 28 September, 2017 - 13:30

Event leaflet: