ICT and Robotics for a Sustainable Agriculture

ICT-AGRI Conference 24 November 2017, National Museum, Copenhagen

09:00 Registration and Networking

10:00 Wellcome Address Niels Gøtke, Coordinator of ICT-AGRI Ministry of Higher Education and Science

10:10 Digitisation in the Agri-Food System: Opportunities and Challenges

10:10 Precision agriculture and the future of farming in Europe, Christian Kurrer, European Parliament, Scientific Foresight Unit

10:30 What is needed to unlock the potentials of ICT in Agriculture? Manuel Pérez Ruiz, AGR-278 Smart Biosystems Laboratory, Universidad de Sevilla.

10:40 Innovation by digitisation Morten Andersen Linnet, Danish Council for Agriculture and Food

11:00 What is needed to unlock the potentials of ICT in Agriculture? Matija Zulj, Agrivi

11:10 Digital challenges and opportunities for the food sector Klaus Beetz, EIT Food and Siemens

11:30 What is needed to unlock the potentials of ICT in Agriculture? Nikos Marianos, Neuropublic Greece

11:40 Visions of Future Digital Farming Peter Pickel, Manufuture EIP and JohnDeere

12:00 What is needed to unlock the potentials of ICT in Agriculture?, RobotiSolutions

12:10 Questions and comments

12:30 Lunch

13:00 ICT-AGRI project 1, To be found

14:10 ICT-AGRI project 2, To be found

14:20  ICT-AGRI project 3, To be found

13:30 Digitisation in the Agri-Food System: European Collaboration

13:30 EU views on digitisation of agriculture, John Bell, Director European Commission DG Research & Innovation

13:50 EIP AGRI about digitisation, Willemine Brinkman, EIP-AGRI Service Point

14:05 The role of data in the digitisation of agriculture Ben Schaap, Research Lead, GODAN Secretariat & Wageningen UR

14:20 ESA Olivier

14:35 Coffee Break

15:00 Why use national money in European partnerships?

? Peter Høngaard, Innovation Fond Denmark

Bülent Sönmez, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Turkey

? Raymond Kelly, Teagasc, Ireland

? Nathalie Chavrier, Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía, Spain

15:20 ICT-AGRI 

History and prospects Niels Gøtke, Coordinator of ICT-AGRI and Ministry of Higher Education and Science

Calls for European projects Elke Saggau, Federal Office for Agriculture and Food

Engagement in the community Jürgen Vangeyte Ministry of Higher Education and Science, Belgium

Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda Astrid Willener, Federal Office for Agriculture

15:45 Questions and comments

16:00 End of conference