ICT-AGRI Conference on ICT and Robotics for a Sustainable Agriculture

24 November 2017   The National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen

Power Points are and videos will be added to the program below.

The focus of the conference is on digitisation in the agri-food system: Opportunities and challenges, European collaboration, and ICT-AGRI contributions of 8 years, with presentations from research, industry, SMEs, and national and European administrations. The ICT-AGRI consortium hopes with this conference to inspire to a widened collaboration in Europe and wordlwide.

08:30 Registration and Networking

ICT-AGRI has initiated 36 trans-national projects. See them at posters and slide-shows and meet project partners. 

09:30 Wellcome Addresses

Niels Gøtke   Coordinator of ICT-AGRI and Ministry of Higher Education and Science

09:45 Digitisation in the Agri-Food System: Opportunities and Challenges

Presentations will alternate between two stages in the same room

Keynotes   Companies  
Morten Andersen Linnet Danish Council for Agriculture and Food Manuel Pérez Ruiz   Agrosap
Olivier Becu   European Space Agency Matija Zulj   Agrivi
Klaus Beetz   EIT Food / Siemens Nikos Marianos   Neuropublic
Ben Schaap   GODAN Secretariat Didzis Dejus Robotic Solutions
Peter Pickel   Manufuture EIP / JohnDeere Filip Lundin   Macklean

16:00 Discussion  

12:00 Lunch

Walking lunch with ICT-AGRI projects posters

13:00 Digitisation in the Agri-Food System: European Collaboration

Keynotes   ICT-AGRI projects  
Hans-Jörg Lutzeyer   DG Research and Innovation Søren Marcus Pedersen   PAMCoBA Cost-benefits of digitisation
Willemine Brinkman   EIP-AGRI Service Point Cornelia Weltzien   FI-ORAMA Smart fruticulture 
Joel Bacquet   DG Connect Abdul Mouazen   FarmFUSE Multi-sensor information
Ana Cuadrado Galvan   DG Agriculture and Rural Development    


14:30 Why spend national money in trans-national partnerships?

Hilal Ar   Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Turkey
Raymond Kelly   Teagasc Ireland
Nathalie Chavrier   Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía Spain
Tore Duvold   Innovation Fond Denmark Denmark

15:00 Coffee break

15:30 Digitisation in the Agri-Food System: ICT-AGRI ERA-NET  

Niels Gøtke Coordinator of ICT-AGRI History and prospects
Raymond Kelly Teagasc Calls for European projects
Jürgen Vangeyte Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research Engagement in the community
Astrid Willener Federal Office for Agriculture Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda

16:00 Discussion  

16:30 Close